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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 3/24

So be easy and free when you're dumping with me/I'm a link you don't meet every day


I was at spring training this weekend with kdl! It was fun. So if you were on the fence about seeing live major league baseball when it's been a while since you saw live major league baseball, allow me to be the first to recommend it.

Rewind this: Are umpire-manager spats about to become extinct?
Now that replay has been greatly expanded, some people are worrying that this might mean less arguments and ejections. Other people are worrying that using replay on a force at third will somehow create a cookie machine that makes and distributes cookies for free to everybody who wants one. This second group hasn't quite explained why this would be a bad thing, but don't worry, that explanation is coming any day now.


Tracy Ringolsby: A half-century later, Masanori Murakami's legacy remains strong
Masanori Murakami was, of course, the first Japanese player in the major leagues. And just because he was a "pioneer" he gets articles written about him and he gets to be remembered forever. Sweet gig if you can get it!*

*not a sweet gig


Walter Johnson doing play by play
After retiring as a player, Walter Johnson went into broadcasting (he said, as if he knew that before Old Hoss Radbourn tweeted this link). This is a copy of his radio broadcast of this game, starting in the bottom of the 4th, because if you could listen to the whole game, your gallbladder would explode from the excitement.

A while ago, Grant had an article where you could see Johnson's pitching motion. Now you can hear his voice, and I, for one, can't wait for Smell-O-Vision to tell us what kind of musky odor he had.


Major League Baseball in Sydney: hairy giants, meaty thocks and Miller beer
A phrase that the Australian author of this article uses is "Piss-fast hot-rocks"

Look, this is obviously not as spectacular as the Australian article from last week about the minor leagues. But, I mean, "piss-fast hot-rocks." And just imagine it with the Australian accent. Even better!


A comeback for Vizquel?
Now that the title of that article gave you false hope, the answer is no. No comeback. Sorry!

But it would be SO COOL.