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Just kidding. His xFIP was outstanding. Also, the Giants won!

The curse of the spring is this: In the regular season, you can use the surprise of a dominant Yusmeiro Petit outing to make yourself feel better about whatever happens over the next couple days. That 10-0 loss sure was awful, but at least Petit had the surprising win last night, right? The weekend wasn't a total loss.

In the spring, though, the games don't count. Petit winning a game means absolutely nothing; he's going to start a game in the regular season only if something else goes wrong. No one cares about a Petit start in the spring. He woke up this morning wondering if he was starting today because he didn't remember Friday. No one remembers Friday.

Tim Lincecum getting whomped a week before the season means something, though. It has to. He's forever going to be the pitcher who cruises along for four innings before stepping in a bear trap, who's a two-homer inning away from everyone forgetting about the strikeouts from the first three innings.

Lincecum faced 25 batters, and he struck out seven of them. He walked just one. He also gave up three homers and 11 hits.

In xFIP Land, they're having Cornish hen in his honor. They opened a bottle of the '68 Cerneaux and toasted him. He's their king. Ricky Nolasco is his vice-king. It's magnificent.

Here, everyone's freaking out. I'm freaking out. You should be freaking out. Two years? This is going to happen for two years?

Maybe he can be a reliever.

Giants won the World Series when he was a reliever.

Derek Law had an unfortunate outing, too.

Yusmeiro Petit, though! And Tim Hudson! Buster Posey's hitting .999 or some such. The weekend had some Happy Fun Facts.

I don't know if I can take another year of the is-he-isn't-he of Lincecum. I certainly can't take two.

His xFIP was probably solid.

Spring doesn't mean anything, you know.

The Giants were 3-0 this weekend. That should probably count for something, but then Lincecum had a just-one-goat inning.