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Tony Abreu released

Hello, Ehire Adrianza!

A-ee-rey A-dree-an-za. A-ee-rey A-dree-an-za. A-ee-rey A-dree-an-za. It'll take a while to sink in, so let's practice it together. A-ee-rey A-dree-an-za.

The Giants announced that Tony Abreu was placed on release waivers. He picked the wrong stretch of 40 at-bats to stink, sure, but the bigger concern was that Ehire Adrianza was out of options. Even with Marco Scutaro's injury concerns, the Giants felt comfortable jettisoning Abreu early enough to let him catch on with another team, giving Adrianza a clear path at the second utility infielder job.

A-ee-rey A-dree-an-za.

Eeeeee-higher Adrayanza?

A-ee-rey A-dree-an-za.

This opens up a spot on the 40-man roster, too, so if the Giants want to add Brandon Hicks (or, more realistically, Tyler Colvin), they can now. The can also sift through the rubbish of the waiver wire to see if there's a good fit on the bench. There are players like Tony Abreu out there for free, you know.

If you will, please sync up the audio of the first one with the video of the second one. Best wishes, Tony.