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The 2014 Giants commercials are here

Buster Posey takes the Oscar-like statue shaped like Willie McGee for some reason

Is it sad that I eagerly await the Giants commercials? Possibly. But if there are 100,000 post-Super Bowl articles about commercials, we get to have this day. It's the right of the Giants nerd.

They're here. They're live. And some of them are glorious.

1. Buster and Sergio

Grade: A+. I wonder how many takes they had to get for Buster to be that perfect.


2. Javier and Jeremy

Grade: C. Mostly because I want the bobbleheads, but they're not real. I don't like the ending gag, but Lopez's "believe that" saves it.


3. Brandon and Brandon

Grade: A-. Love the uncomfortable, subtle raise of Crawford's thumb after the eye contact.He reached maximum Belt, and had to de-Belt just a little.


4. Belt and Belt and Belt and Belt

Grade: A-. I'm worried that Belt takes himself too seriously, everyone.


5. Morse

Grade: C. A premise like this is so hard to pull off with non-actors, which Michael Morse certainly is. But there was Fireman Matt Cain and this:


6. Buster on baseball

Grade: B. Right in the beans!


7. Take Me Out

Grade: C. This isn't meant to make us laugh. It's a solid ad, but I'm grading on the chuckle-curve.


8. The Kids

Grade: B+. The freeze-frame theme grew on me after a few viewings. It's ... neat? Yes, neat. But the grade is mostly for Cain's reaction. He's going to be the Governor one day, you know.


9. Trust

Grade: D. Why would you flip your nachos? You are a terrible baseball fan and a terrible practitioner of the nacho arts.


10. This Ride

Grade: A. This had clips from a perfect game, no-hitter, and World Series championship celebration. It would have slotted in beautifully between The Conversation and Godfather II. A masterpiece.