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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 3/20

It's Thursday and it's before noon. Thursday is one of my days off. On my days off I start link dumping at eight. You don't get to interrupt that.

Oh dear, I seem to have gone and hit a hit to the left field bleachers
Oh dear, I seem to have gone and hit a hit to the left field bleachers

So there's a link below to an Australian article about the dark underbelly of baseball (SPOILERS) and I think I undersell it a little. I'll just say this: It is magical.

2014 Positional Power Rankings: Catcher
Fangraphs ranks each team's strength at each position. Guess who's easily number 1 for catchers? (Hint: Not JP Arencibia)

They also did first basemen, so if you want something to complain about, the Giants only come in at number 9 there. Not that the commenters here like complaining.

/reads 200-comment string about bad kerning


Drugs, booze, cheap motels. This is the real life of the majority of America’s pro baseballers
For too long, baseball and baseball fans have been covering up the sordid truth about our favorite sport. Finally exposed to the watchful eyes of the world are the vices we all pretend not to notice: the drinking, the selfishness, the way these players stay in hotels. They even have apartments. I don't know how I get up in the morning knowing I enable this kind of behavior.


Giants keep pitching arms healthy, knock on wood
Carl Steward already jinxed the staff by even thinking about writing this article. I am adding to the jinx by posting it here. You can also add to the jinx by saying how confident you are that Bumgarner will stay healthy this year, or that Cain is a horse, and not the type of guy to have elbow problems. Stuff like that. It'll be neat!


Who Are The Most Defensive Fans In America?
It's the season for NCAA brackets, and also brackets for random things that are not the NCAA tournament because it's fun. Now, I would have preferred to link one of the Jon Bois ones here at SB Nation (the Nic Cage bracket will probably be up for a couple hours today after this posts, so get to it if you haven't already), but those get taken down too quickly, so I'm left with this one.

If you think one of these categories describes you (poorly, of course, because you're not defensive or annoying), what you should probably do is get really offended and take it personally. Ad hominem attacks against me for linking it are also encouraged.


The Giants third base coach discusses humility, philosophy, and Brian Stow. For some reason, he does not discuss that one time he sent that player home when he clearly shouldn't have sent that player home, and that player was out, and the Giants lost, and everything was ruined forever. Why are you dodging the real issues here, Tim?