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Ryan Vogelsong recreates Pirates career in one-act play, Giants lose

Carlos Baerga hit one home run, Travis Fryman hit two.

"and then I was like, that home run party deck behind me ain't partying enough, man" - photo credit
"and then I was like, that home run party deck behind me ain't partying enough, man" - photo credit
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Ryan Vogelsong allowed a three-run home run to Jeff Francoeur.

I can write that Vogelsong struggled with his location, that his stuff wasn't crisp enough to make up for his lack of command. Or I can type that first sentence, there. Francoeur probably came to the plate thinking FASTBALL OVER THE PLATE FASTBALL OVER THE PLATE, and by gum, he was right. Yahtzee. Fastball over the plate. Kind of justifies why you take that approach, you know?

There were other runs, allowed by a pitcher having the same kind of command problems that made him give up a three-run homer to Jeff Francoeur. But that homer will stick with you, alright. Even in the spring. You know, here's a bit of trivia for you: Francoeur actually has more home runs in an Indians uniform now than he did in a Giants u...

Okay, fine, so you knew that. But Vogelsong's the story, as he allowed nine runs in 2⅔ innings -- the second time he's been completely liquidated before the third inning in the last two weeks.

There were happy fun facts. Brandon Belt was 2-for-3. The Giants hit four home runs -- five fewer than they did last July, in case you were still looking forward to baseball season -- including one from Pablo Sandoval. I'm of the opinion that spring-training stats don't actually matter, but ...


Right. Only two more weeks! Still, I'll take the dingers when they come from players like Sandoval, who should be a huge part of the year. Hector Sanchez had a homer, too. And I've been thinking. If his defense was surprisingly slick at first, well, there's a spot probably opening up at third ...

I can't in good conscience give this one to Happy Fun Facts, though. Vogelsong is really starting to freak me out. I still hold that we'd be a lot more forgiving about the signing if he had his 2011-2013 with the White Sox or something. But we saw the decline and fall. It wasn't pretty. And it'll be uncomfortably familiar if it starts to happen again.

This game is probably still going on. I'll bet there are people there who think they're on vacation, too.

Grist for the Pessimist Mill takes it, then, and Team Grist is slowly creeping up on the happy li'l facts. The tally is now 14-4, Happy Fun Facts. The Giants are still going to the World Series, everyone.