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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 3/18

For a guy who sees no point in link dumpin', you sure fret about it an awful lot

The hero Milwaukee deserves, and also the one it needs
The hero Milwaukee deserves, and also the one it needs
Christian Petersen

We know that Cal Poly is the Harvard of the West, but is it also the Duke of the West? My column:

Hank the Dog arrives in Milwaukee and is greeted by hundreds of fans, even the mayor
If you think that there will be a single Hank The Brewers Dog story that does not get put in the link dump, then you don't know me at all. This is obviously the most important story in baseball right now.



Giants – Baseball Card Vandals
Did you see Grant RT this yesterday? Well, now you're seeing it again. Because, people, if you don't see this Craig Lefferts joke, your lives are devoid of meaning


Diamondbacks introduce 18-inch, bacon-stuffed corn dog that costs $25
You might think this is terrible, and you're right, but it's not in the top twenty thousand on the list of Things That Are Wrong With Arizona.

Also, I kinda want one.


Barry Bonds took batting practice
The lack of video for this is a pressing concern in America today. When will Obama be held accountable for this outrage?


The Rabbi of Swat
About a week ago, Joe Posnanski wrote about Mose Solomon, a baseball player from the '20s in the Southwestern League who ended up signing with the Giants. If you have an extremely positive image of John McGraw in your mind that you would like to maintain at all costs, this...might not be a good article for you.