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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 3/14

Get yer links! Hot off the presses!

What, me throw an 80 MPH fastball?
What, me throw an 80 MPH fastball?
Greg Fiume

It's the year 2014, and Brett Tomko is still getting contracts from big-league organizations. You really CAN'T predict the future!

Livan Hernandez's 15 strikeouts in the NLCS
Sure, it was for the Marlins, and some of the called strikes were, uh, borderline. But Livan was on the Giants for several years, he was a big part of those teams, and, most importantly, Grant didn't link this in his article about Livan so I'm not being repetitive by putting it here.

Also, he was traded for Jim Brower, which eventually enabled many of us to make frequent jokes about how Felipe Alou loved making Brower warm up. You can't put a price on that!


Cactus League: Brandon Belt can't win over Giants fans
Alex Pavlovic chases pageviews from McCovey Chronicles readers and here I am, helping him out like a sucker. Well, go read about how great Brandon Belt is. It seems like many of you might well enjoy that.


Talkin’ photos with Buster Posey
This link contains photos of Buster Posey hitting a home run and then falling to one knee in his follow through. Buster Posey saw the pictures and loved them. Are you better than Buster Posey? That's what I thought.


Ranking the Minor League Systems by Impact: #16-30
Where are the Giants on this list? Are they number 1? Well, I'm linking numbers 16 through 30 on a Giants site, so they're probably not number 1. You'll have to throw out that "World's Best Farm System" Giants foam finger. Where'd you even get that thing?


Moneyball … But With Money
Grantland takes a look at some of the innovative ways the Red Sox are approaching things like injuries, platoons, and defensive shifts. Or maybe they're not innovative and that's why Jonah Keri knows about them, and the real reasons the Red Sox won won't be in articles for 20 years, and by then they'll be onto the NEW THING which will actually just turn out to be batting average somehow.

I dunno, man. This stuff's complicated.