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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 3/13

When the legend becomes fact, link the legend

Let's pretend those children were born when Will was on the Giants so as to not feel old
Let's pretend those children were born when Will was on the Giants so as to not feel old
Tony Medina

Here is my take on Keith Olbermann's Bonds editorial: I disagree with him, and I would like to leave it at that.

Happy birthday, Will Clark!
He's Will Clark and he was the best and let's just take a minute to appreciate that. Also, happy birthday to my mom, but SB Nation didn't have a picture of her on the photo widget, so I figured I'd lead with Will.


A Bucket by the Bed
NEW BELT BLOG NEW BELT BLOG NEW BELT BLOG. The only negative about the season actually starting will be that it will reduce the number of Brandon Belt blog entries. Or, I guess, he could maintain the same number of blogs and people will complain that he's not preparing for games enough and why can't the Giants just re-sign Chad Santos already.


The Brewers have Hank the Wonder Dog, but what about the rest of the league?
Old Time Family Baseball looks at the non-Brewers Puppy mascots being adopted by teams in Spring Training this year. I guess they didn't have time to get to the new spring training friend the Mets will be bringing north in April, which is Failure.


How Pitch Location Affects Caught Stealing Percentage
From The Hardball Times, this is an informative look at the exact thing the title describes. There are lots of graphs and charts and data. My frequent faxes to rename the high-and-away section the "Ain't havin' it zone" have so far not gained any traction.


Former Minor-League Baseball Players File Class Action Suit Against MLB
Former Giants minor leaguer Garrett Broshius - who you should follow on Twitter, by the way, or if you're not on Twitter just follow him in real life - is part of a lawsuit from ex-minor leaguers claiming unfair wage practices. They claim that minor leaguers make less than half the wages of fast food workers, you can read some background in a Slate article from a couple years ago, and the whole complaint is here.

Broshius is a lawyer now, and part of the legal team on the case, and if you think I'm going to make a lawyer joke here, you don't understand how much trouble that would get me in.