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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 3/12

Also known as "The Old Linky Lady"

Excuse me, Mr. Bonds, can...can I's okay...if you're busy, I can wait
Excuse me, Mr. Bonds, can...can I's okay...if you're busy, I can wait
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes you wake up and you just long for the halcyon days of the Fred Lewis Wars, y'know?

My Question For Bonds
Gregor Blanco blogs about the advice he gave some of the younger players and the question he wants to ask Barry Bonds. If I were him, I'd have a lot of questions. "How were you so good?" "What's up with how good you were?" "You know how you were better than everyone ever? How did you...that?"


How Tim Lincecum reinvented himself to stay ahead of the game
Tim Lincecum used to be really good, and then he was less good (#analysis). Jeff Passan describes who he was, who he is, and how he's trying to cope. And Tim's comment on where his mutsache could take him is way better than any joke I could put here.


Mets plan to continue aggressive, heads-up play on the basepaths
Did you know the Mets were the best baserunning team in the majors last year? Like, by A LOT? Well, here are the methods they used to - no, those Mets. The New York Mets. No, there are not two "New York Mets" teams. Look, I know the Mets being good at something is wildly implausible, but just read it anyway.


Great Expectations, Great Variations
Over at Grantland, Jonah Keri takes a look at the way different MLB teams develop young talent. Sadly, he doesn't have time to get into some of the more interesting systems, like the Phillies' school of "Publically humiliate Dom Brown as much as possible until he's a superstar."


RotoGraphs Consensus Top 300
I'm starting to question everything Fangraphs has ever done, since apparently they can't count to 340.


MLBAM Player Tracking: Ask Us (Almost) Anything
The team behind MLB Advanced Media's new player tracking system did an AMA on Reddit yesterday. Did you know the new system actually watches the players sleep? How nice of them to care so much!