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Barry Bonds teaches Tim Hudson to hit, Giants win

Science! Specifically, physics.

"You didn't smile that much the entire 2007 season, you jackass." - photo credit
"You didn't smile that much the entire 2007 season, you jackass." - photo credit
Christian Petersen

The headline is almost certainly accurate. Tim Hudson didn't even have one hit last spring. This year, after Barry Bonds comes in as a special instructor, Hudson has two. He also scored two runs Tuesday against the Reds, which is as many as he scored in 2013. You might argue that correlation doesn't imply causation, but that's an Internet cliché by now.

Bonds did it.

Alas, Bonds can't teach sinkers, and Hudson allowed five hits and three walks in 3⅔ innings, including a home run to Skip Schumaker. Spring doesn't mean anything, except when it's a homer to Skip Schumaker. Get that sinker down, other Tim.

Focusing on Hudson's performance isn't smart, though. Not when you have this:

                AB  H  R  HR  RBI
Buster Posey    3   3  1   1    4   


That would be Buster Posey destroying baseballs, like this:

The sound, folks. The sound of the ball hitting Posey's bat. Always, always ringtone worthy.

Bonds probably did that, too.

Happy fun facts

  • Erik Cordier had a spotless inning, with one strikeout. He's on the 40-man, and there's a good chance he's the Alex Hinshaw of our time, both in longevity on the roster and overall performance. So root for him to do well. You don't always see a minor-league free agent get a major-league contract, so the Giants see something in him.


    Just can't imagine what it is.

  • Ehire Adrianza hit another dinger, which ties him with his total in the minors last year (2). I, for one, plan to use his Cal League stats (.271/.348/.390) as the basis for my future evaluations. Hey, it worked for Brandon Crawford. 

  • Tony Cingrani's spring stats are garbage, which means I can draft him really late in my fantasy league

Grist for the pessimist mill

  • Hunter Pence struck out three times. Feels like I should write "spring-training disclaimer" after a note like that. Wait, let me try again.

  • Hunter Pence struck out three times, but let me give you an STD after reading that. It's worth noting that one of the strikeouts came against Aroldis Chapman, so it basically doesn't count. Also, Pence hit a triple, so whatever.

  • Juan Perez played left while Angel Pagan played center. Obviously, I'd rather Pagan get used to center in games that don't mean anything, but that just reminded me it will probably happen in the regular season, too. The Shinjo/Lofton scars run deep.

Happy fun facts dominate again, moving to 10-1 on the season. Everything's great, guys. Everything's so great.