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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 3/10

All the links that are fit to be linked to

The best
The best
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, do you want to click on some links about the Giants? You DO? Well, I have some! What are the odds?

Sergio Romo inspires Fresno youth
Sergio Romo recently took some time out from his busy schedule of being the best to be the best in a totally different location. Here's a video of him talking to a group in Fresno while being the best.


San Jose Giants Release 2014 Promotions and Special Events Calendar
Sure, you've seen the SF Giants promotional schedule. But what about the San Jose Giants? I'll see you at Water Awareness Night!


San Jose Giants Radio Broadcast Information
Do you want to listen to the baby Giants on the radio? Of course you do! There are a lot of ways: the official SJ Giants website, the official SJ Giants app, the official SJ Giants radio station, the official SJ Giants potato...


Compute this: Brandon Crawford makes tough plays look easy
Yeah, yeah, autoplaying video, but in this article Brandon Crawford makes a convincing case that he is not, in fact,a robot. Of course, his case is almost TOO if he calculated the perfect way to convince people in some sort of...metal...computing...brain...


Spring Notes: Escobar impresses Bochy, etc
Alex Pavlovic discusses Bochy's opinion of Edwin Escobar (positive), injury reports from Pence and Morse (not serious), and all sorts of other information. Did the Giants CUT MATT CAIN? You'll have to click to find out!

They didn't, though.