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Open GamesThread, 2/28

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There are two of them! You have to choose.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Two games today! Empirically proven to be better than one game. Only one of the game will have a Giants webcast, though. That would be this lineup, against the Brewers:

1. Angel Pagan - CF
2. Tony Abreu - 2B
3. Buster Posey - C
4. Hunter Pence - RF
5. Michael Morse - DH
6. Joaquin Arias - 3B
7. Tyler Colvin - LF
8. Mark Minicozzi - 1B
9. Ehire Adrianza - SS
∞. Madison Bumgarner - P

If you are, I don't know, strongly opposed to Mark Minicozzi or something, you can listen to the A's broadcast team ear-describe this lineup:

1. Gary Brown - CF
2. Brandon Crawford - SS
3. Brandon Belt - 1B
4. Pablo Sandoval - 3B
5. Hector Sanchez - DH
6. Juan Perez - LF
7. Javier Herrera - RF
8. Nick Noonan - 2B
9. Guillermo Quiroz - C
¶. Edwin Escobar - P

I've included the Gary Browniest picture in the photo tool with this post. It should help you with your decision.

(I think I'm going to listen to Escobar's spring debut.)