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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 2/28

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I know YOU'VE read Belt's blog. But maybe someone else out there hasn't. Not everyone is as true of a fan as you are.

Jamie Squire

Show me the links!

See, it's like that line from Jerry Maguire, except instead of "money" I said "links." Don't worry if this humor is too conceptual for you. It's pretty complex stuff.

Toledo Mud Hens Unveil Ghostbusters Jerseys
A lot of sites can give you the story of the Tigers AAA team wearing Ghostbusters jerseys. And those sites will also have pictures of the Ghostbusters jerseys. But this one also has Ghostbusters REFERENCES. Game changer!


Carlos Martinez's Filthy Stuff
Viva El Birdos examines the Carlos Martinez story through the only medium that can express the nuance of the situation: Lego


The Envelope Please
Brandon Belt talks about the Oscars, and is basically the world's most perfect human. It is a must-read, especially if you want to know his biggest fears and thoughts on yoga, which, trust me, you do. You really, really do.


Ryan Jones suspended 50 games
Giants minor leaguer Ryan Jones was suspended 50 games for using a PED. Just another victim of San Francisco's drug culture. LOOK WHAT YOU WROUGHT, MARVIN BENARD.


Before They Were Pros: NL West | Perfect Game USA
A retrospective on top NL West position player prospects. The only representative from the Giants is Susac, but that's only because most of the top prospects in the organization are pitchers. I mean, they're probably not even TRYING to develop hitters. They totally could if they wanted.


Memory of Giants trainer Nugent brings cascade of tears
And finally, former Giants assistant trainer Barney Nugent passed away on Saturday, and Shawon Dunston wants you to know how great of a person he was. So take a look.