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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 2/27

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Some of these links involve a baseball game the Giants played yesterday!

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Valar Morlinkus

Video: Reddick's amazing grabs
In case you missed the game yesterday because you had "work" in the middle of the day or something, Michael Morse had two home runs robbed by Josh Reddick. Stick around long enough for a TOOTBLAN from Brandon Belt!


Gcast: Marco Scutaro
Marco Scutaro gives his opinion on playing with Tim Hudson again. Is he against it? He's probably against it. I bet he horrifically insults Hudson, his mother, and his dog. That's usually how these interviews go.


The free agent market is broken
Why is it that GMs refuse to GET OFF THERE HANDZ when it comes to players like Ervin Santana, Stephen Drew, and Kendrys Morales? If you blamed the Stonemasons, you should realize that's an absurd answer. It's economics, dummy.


Andrew Baggarly: Giants notes
Baggs discusses backup middle infielders, Romo's bad outing, and pitcher injuries. Thanks for the autoplaying video, CSN! Everyone on Earth appreciates it!


Nine Players We Expect to Improve in 2014
It's a free article from Baseball Prospectus, so no excuses for not reading it. Plus there's a Giant on the list! And take a moment to relish the fact that we're now in an era where you can no longer jokingly suggest Zito is that Giant.