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San Francisco Giants link dump, 2/26

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In which you click on things that are links to other things

He's not Tom Brady-handsome. Tom Brady is JT Snow-handsome.
He's not Tom Brady-handsome. Tom Brady is JT Snow-handsome.

I'm sorry, links. It's not you. It's me.

Happy birthday, JT Snow!
You will forever have that inexplicably great 2004 season and enough Gold Gloves that you've put one in the dryer just to see what would happen. Also, happy birthdays to Joe Martinez and Mark DeRosa, the original Flappy Bird.


Expanded 2013 Infield Shift Data
The Hardball Times looks at infield shifts. You immediately hit Ctrl-F, type in "Belt", and get a warm fuzzy feeling when the shift turns out to be totally irrelevant to him. Yes, that fits your preconceived notions...nicely.


The Year of Living Less Dangerously
Grantland looks at catcher concussions. It's all thorough and well-researched and stuff.


Video: A look at some of the Giants’ top prospects
Alex Pavlovic has some video from yesterday's intrasquad game. Is Mac Williamson larger than the average person? Are some of the minor league pitchers "pretty good" (Don't worry if that term was a little technical. It's a scouting thing)? Find out!


2014 San Jose Giants Season Preview: Middle Infield
Joe Ritzo takes a look at the possible middle infielders you'll be watching in San Jose this year, IF YOU'RE COOL.


What if every major league team had a food-related baseball cap?
Sometimes an article comes along that is so important you have to share it with everyone. This is that article.