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Pictures of Willie Mays

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Because Willie Mays deserves all of the pictures you can muster.

Joaquin Arias is lookin' for perps
Joaquin Arias is lookin' for perps
Mark Wilson

With the old layout, FanShots on the front page were a thing. They used to look like this:


The gray box. That was a front-paged FanShot back in the day. It was a way to say, "here's a link, now go away."

With the new layout, everything's so ... pretty. There are pictures, shiny pictures. And it feels like if I present a link, there should be some meat behind it, you know? Feels like there should be something more than a link. That's good and bad. Sometimes it makes me "think", and it leads to a more thorough post. But sometimes it makes me ignore things that might be of interest to some of you.

So here. Look at this link. There's nothing to add. It's perfect. It brought tears to my eyes -- literal, salty tears -- because of the aching. The unrepentant aching. I just want to watch one game. Just gimme one game. I'll trade in ... well, not a championship. But you can take back one of the Pablo three-homer games. Not the one from the World Series, though. That one was rad.

That's nothing but a slideshow of Willie Mays doing Willie Mays things. And I went through it 20 times. It includes a quote from Ted Kluszewski:

I'm not sure what the hell charisma is, but I get the feeling it's Willie Mays.

It's not false modesty to suggest that I'll never come up with a sentence as poignant and perfect as that. That's it, that's perfection. And it came out of the mouth of a gigantic man-beast who was much better at dingers than words.

Just look at the link. I stumbled across it on Thursday night, and it made my week. I just want to watch one game, man. I don't need to be this guy:


Just one game.

Until someone responds to my demands, I will flip through that slideshow a few dozen times. Oh, Life, you were always the slideshow of magazines. So ahead of your time.