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They Might Be Giants

Giants get 14 of the top prospects in top-14 list of Giants prospects

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Also, one of the top 100 in FanGraphs list. But focus on the other part.

Stephen Lam

You read the headline right. MLB Draft Insider put a stunning 14 different Giants prospects in their top-14 list of Giants prospects, tying an MLB record for top-14 lists. Of course, the write-up also includes this passage:

There’s very little here in terms of offensive firepower, and few teams have less depth in the outfield. There’s a lot to like about being a fan of San Francisco right now, but the farm system is not one of them.

Well, that's just like, uh, your ... wait, is Marvin Benard really the last starting-quality outfielder the Giants developed, or does Gregor Blanco count now? I think Blanco counts now. So that's good.

Edit: Nate Schierholtz! How quickly we forget.

The list is well-constructed, and it isn't behind a paywall, so read away. The only thing behind a paywall on MLB Draft Insider is their 2014 Draft Guide, and that's literally $1.99, which means it's more of a dick move not to buy it rather than a consumer choice. But back to the Giants. Here's another, more encouraging passage:

Crick’s fastball can compete with the best of them, a plus-plus pitch that will clock in the mid 90′s and occasionally touch 97 with late life that explodes out of the right-handers hand. His slider also is a big-boy pitch; while it doesn’t have the tilt of a typical plus breaking-ball, it’s break is so late and it’s so difficult to pick up that it ends up causing plenty of swings and misses.


Of course, the TI-84 jockeys over at FanGraphs don't think much of the Giants' farm, either, as the Giants get just one prospect in their top 100:

#29 Kyle Crick, Giants (P)

That's a very aggressive ranking for Crick -- one of the highest we've seen so far. It's not a good thing that he's the only prospect on the list, but at least he's up there.

I'll enjoy next year's lists a lot more, considering that all of the pitchers moving to Double-A are about to squish the Eastern League and set opposing players on fire. But for now, it's not that exciting to follow the Giants' farm. Just ask the list-makers.