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Adding just one more piece to the Giants' offseason

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Or maybe we're ignoring the elephant in the room, here.
Or maybe we're ignoring the elephant in the room, here.
Kevork Djansezian

The Giants signed Tim Hudson early in the offseason. They signed Michael Morse in the middle of the offseason. Since then, they haven't done anything. You might confuse this with inactivity. You are half-right, but don't forget that the offseason started 16 years ago. You didn't have a child before it started, and now that child has a piercing you don't approve of. Or if you had a kid, that kid now has to ask other people how to attach files to an e-mail.

You are the worst, offseason.

A lot of us have slipped into just-get-the-season-started-dammit mode. It makes sense to do so because the Giants have a) said they're done making moves, and b) are probably done making moves. So just get the season started, dammit. Just get the season started just get the season started just get the season started just get the season started.

Except I have an idea for how the Giants can get better. Or at least something else they can do to entertain us in these bleak winter months. They can get one more reliever.

Not everyone is as pessimistic about the Giants' bullpen as, say, ZiPS or PECOTA or you. Matthew Pouliot thinks they'll be okay, though if Jean Machi really is the third-best reliever on the staff, the Giants are going to trade Kyle Crick for Chad Qualls before the end of May. We've gone over the bullpen several times this offseason because the offseason is the worst. For the fifth time, this is probably the bullpen:

Sergio Romo
Santiago Casilla
Javier Lopez
Jeremy Affeldt
Jean Machi
Heath Hembree
Yusmeiro Petit

Something will change because of spring ouchies, or maybe Derek Law will force the Giants into making a surprise decision. I guess David Huff has a chance, too. But that right there is the general plan. I've seen worse plans. I've seen better plans. I've seen all good people. It's not a bullpen that should have made you beg and plead for Fernando Rodney, nor is it a bullpen that should make you wonder what Jose Valverde is up to. It is a bullpen. Look at it. There it is, right there. So bullpenny and unspectacular.

So when I write they can get another reliever, there's a caveat. That reliever would have to be so good, he would make it easy to push one of those people out. That isn't too hard at the beginning of the offseason, but we're down to the Oliver Perezes of the bullpen world now. There isn't a lot of immediate help out there.

Here's what I mean, in two tweets:

These would be the high-risk, high-reward relievers. Andrew Bailey is on the list, too. They could go sproing. They probably will go sproing. But if they hit, oh, man. It would be fun to watch. There isn't a risk, other than money. And let me be the first to point out that it isn't my money. If everyone is pitching well by the time these pitchers come back, that would be a good problem, not a bad one.

If you're looking forward to baseball, don't worry. It's coming. But if you're secretly sad there's no more rosterbation to be had, we can always find room for more. There are still slightly dented and dinged relievers at the outlet store. I'll go Madson, Hanrahan, Bailey, in that order, but I'm still hoping the Giants will take a chance on one.