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Giants out of Jon Lester race

The Giants were offering Jon Lester millions of dollars to pitch for them. He declined.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants are neither in nor out on Jon Lester. They are standing right in the middle of the doorway. This whole ordeal isn't Lester's fault -- he wants to end this -- but there the Giants are, neither in nor out. They aren't even talking to Lester. They're just screwing around on their phone, ignoring everyone.

Giants are out on Lester.

Or, they're completely out! Completely out. Bobby Evans said they "did not receive a rose" as they were eliminated from contention.

Thus endeth one of the strangest free agent sagas in recent memory. The bad news is the 2015 Giants probably won't be as good as they could have been. The good news: more rumors! So many rumors. Don't forget that an executive predicted Max Scherzer wouldn't decide on a team until March. Good times, good times.

For now, though, the Giants are more likely to start the 2015 season with a worse rotation than they could have had, even if it would have come at a steep cost for the future. Lester had his problems -- being a living, breathing pitcher who wanted more than a two-year contract, mostly -- but he's been largely excellent over the last six seasons. Remember the Matt Cain who was awesome, the one we're hoping to see again after elbow surgery? Like that, but left-handed, and he just had one of his best seasons.

That written, we might look back at this day in 2018, when the Giants are announcing the $218 million contract extension that allows them to keep Matt Duffy, and say, "Boy, oh, boy. There's no way they could have done this if Lester were on the payroll." Six years is a long time. $156 is sure a lot of money. That's $26 million a year, or just a little more than the entire 1989 Giants team. If Lester went full Zito (or half-Lincecum, or even a quarter-Portugal), that's the kind of money that would ruin a future offseason. Contracts like that can pull teams completely out of the running for mid-market free agents who could really, really help a roster.

So, fine. Be that way. Didn't want you anyway, Lester. Enjoy your riches over there. Just remember: Who's got it better than us? Noooobody. Who's got it b

Whoops, wrong cheer. So very wrong. But you get the idea. The Giants aren't as good as they could have been, but they still have a chance to get better in the near and distant future now that the money is freed up. There's a Panda-sized wallet full of cash to spend. Onward, to the next rumor.