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Giants rumored to have interest in Dillon Gee

It's not his fault that he's boring and not Jon Lester. Be nice to him.

He can also do the facial hair thing when the mood strikes.
He can also do the facial hair thing when the mood strikes.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Dillon Gee is a perfectly acceptable starting pitcher. He eats innings. He throws strikes. He's never had an adjusted ERA better than the league average, and he's topped out at 199 innings (two seasons ago), but he's perfectly acceptable. He's scheduled to make $5 million or so in arbitration, which is about as much as you would want to pay him. Next year, whatever team gets him will have to make a decision about keeping him.

The Giants are reportedly interested in Gee as a fallback plan to Jon Lester.

This is exceptionally boring. I know we can't expect people to do this every Winter Meetings:

But it's really, really, really tough to move from hot Lester rumors to room temperature Dillon Gee rumors. Gee might -- might -- be the least interesting pitcher in baseball. Which doesn't mean he's without value, but I sure hope he's Plan Q for the Giants, especially considering this would be a trade, not a free agent signing.

There are Mets pitchers I want, though. They have this young righty with power stuff. Great fastball, power curve. He needs to refine his command and control a bit, but he's only 24. His name is Zack Wheeler, and here me out. I think I have the perfect fake trade for him. The first step is the call the Yankees. The second step ...