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Giants rumors: Team believes they're behind in Jon Lester race

Assistant GM Bobby Evans said on MLB Network Radio that he believes the Cubs and Red Sox are leading the pack, with one report suggesting it's going to be the Cubs.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Jon Lester race isn't over, but according to Bobby Evans, it looks like it might be for the Giants. Evans was on MLB Network Radio with Jim Bowden, and Bowden tweeted portions of the conversation.

1. Lester isn't likely to accept the highest offer on the table.

2. Bowden believes that Evans was indicating that both the Dodgers and Giants were behind the Red Sox and Cubs in the race.

Bob Nightengale described it as the Giants being "in backseat of Lester sweepstakes but not driving the car." Hopefully the driver of the car hasn't been drinking, but I'm not optimistic about that.

The report yesterday was that Jon Lester was going to decide before Tuesday morning. You fool. I can't believe that you trusted that report. I mean, I did. I planned my evening and morning around it. But I can't believe that you trusted it. The word is that we might not even hear by the end of Tuesday:

Over the Monster is hearing that it's Cubs, Cubs, Cubs, which is a drag if you were into the Lester bidding. The good news: It's probably not the Dodgers, either.

Fare thee well, Jon Lester. Sorry you hate success and sourdough bread.

Update: Look, I have no idea.

They should just have a one-day auction. It would be bigger than the NFL Draft.