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Giants won't give Chase Headley a four-year contract

Jon Heyman reports that the Giants might not give the third baseman the "full Alfonzo."

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants are focused, so focused, on Jon Lester right now. Picture the inside of a hotel suite, with seven or eight members of the Giants' baseball operations team sitting around a phone, staring at it. It's probably an old-timey rotary phone, just because. And they're just waiting, waiting, waiting for that one phone call.

Until then, everything's on hold, including the search for a Pablo Sandoval replacement. While just a week ago, everyone was freaking out about the reported $65 million deal on the table for Chase Headley. Turns out, it almost certainly didn't come from the Giants, who won't come particularly close to that offer. From Jon Heyman:

The Giants were said to be making a push a few days ago, but the reality is the Giants are dead set against going past three years for Headley

While I'm not wild about a four- or five-year deal for Headley, I could see permutations that would make sense for a win-now team like the Giants. If the Giants get him for three years, I'll dance around the the Hyatt lobby like a li'l chicken for a few seconds, squawking and preening for everyone's amusement. The Giants probably aren't getting Headley for three years. Fun to dream, though.

Until then, just sit around waiting for Lester to make his decision.


Just keep waiting, everyone.