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Giants rumors: Winter Meetings roundup, Day 1

The Giants are focused on Jon Lester. Forget about everything else until tomorrow.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants had a busy day at the Winter Meetings on Monday, calling Jon Lester's agents, receiving calls from them, sending texts, receiving texts ... you name it. But Lester is still being a jerk and holding up the entire market, just so he can watch it burst and sweep away hundreds of reporters in a river of hot rumors. I'd disapprove, except that's exactly what I would do, so I'll quietly nod in appreciation instead.

Brian Sabean gave a couple of quotes to the real reporters, who weren't sitting in the media room watching their lives scroll by in a TweetDeck chamber of despair while hoping for Jon Lester news, and here's what we've learned:

Everything is on hold until Lester makes a decision

Everything. No Melky. No Headley. No offers to anyone right now, other than Lester. We heard whispers that the Giants were "all in" on Lester recently. This is Sabean grabbing you by the sideburns and yelling the same thing directly into your ear. It's Lester first, plans b, c, and d after that.

Sabean believes five teams are in on Lester

They would be the Giants, Cubs, Red Sox, Yankees, and Dodgers, I would guess. It could be that Lester made his decision last week, but now we're in the final cash-grab-bonus round. I don't think I have an eighth of the Machiavellian DNA it takes to be a GM or agent.

The trade market for third base and left field is more appealing than the free agent market

Helllloooooo, Chris Johnson! Or Casey McGehee. Or someone completely awesome, like Ben Zobrist or Justin Upton. After looking at the post-Panda permutations, I agree wholeheartedly with Sabean. If it's not Headley or Melky -- both very flawed options -- it's the trade market that makes sense. I'm just not sure what players Giants have that a) they would give up and b) other teams would want.

Chase Headley will make his decision before Friday

Good. For the record: I'm all for both Lester and Headley. You only live once, as the kids say, and I have no idea what the 2016 or 2017 Giants will look like. All I know is they should be good next year. Better players will make them gooder.

Buster Posey will not move to third

This is because he's a catcher and a mighty fine one. The day will come. It will come and it won't surprise us when it happens. It will not come when he's 27. I'm enjoying the idea of an Andrew Susac/Posey rotation to keep everyone fresh, and you should too.

Unless Susac is traded for Noah Syndergaard. Or Marlon Byrd. Really, there are a lot of compelling and/or terrifying options. But everything's waiting on Jon Lester. Take your sweet time, sir. You get a chance to troll the world like this only once.