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Jon Lester rumors: Giants, Cubs last two teams remaining?

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Giants are finalists for the left-hander, with the Red Sox and Dodgers reportedly out. Others are disputing that, though.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's been something of a slow day at the Winter Meetings, with everyone waiting around for Jon Lester to make up his freaking mind. Once Lester signs, all of the other fastball-chucking dominoes can fall into place. He's close, everyone. And according to Ken Rosenthal, he's choosing between the Cubs and the Giants.

Sources: Barring late change, Lester choosing between #Cubs, #SFGiants.

The Red Sox were supposedly the sentimental favorites heading into the offseason, with Lester expressing interest in returning before he even boarded the plane out of Boston. Unless there's a late change -- like, say, the Red Sox following Ken Rosenthal on Twitter and saying, jeez, maybe we need to try harder -- there were just two teams left standing.

Oh, dammit. I give up.

At this point, the Dodgers are about to buy the Manchester Grand Hyatt, like Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, and start making their own rules about what happens at the Winter Meetings. They're still lurking. Don't trust them.

Normally these kind of contradicting posts would mean the rumors are safe to ignore. Except here are two points:

  1. Ken Rosenthal sits upon rumor mountain in a golden throne made of rumors, and the other rumormongers present rumors to him and show fealty when he requests an audience. He's pretty good at this, and you know he didn't decide to tweet that lightly. 

  2. At the risk of parsing a typo, he put "sources," plural. Two sources = double the truth, imo.

On the other hand, Lester's agent -- who seems like the sort of fellow who would know what's going on -- is quoted as saying it's absolutely untrue. Which seems definitive. Except the agents are smart enough to keep everyone thinking every other team has a chance. Drives the price up, it does.

I'm with Rosenthal, then. Lester has to choose between a team with a legacy of doom that needs several prospects to pan out before they contend, or a team that should contend next year and has a legacy of recent success. One place is really cold in the spring and smells faintly of Skip Bayless. The other place is beautiful and smells delightful, like me. It should be an easy choice, Jon. It should be an easy choice.