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Jon Lester rumors: decision coming soon, Buster Posey makes his pitch

"Pitch" is a baseball term, but it's also a sales term. Hopefully Lester will "catch" what Posey is ... wait, this is all backward.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Jon Lester derby is coming to a close, with a decision coming within the next day. The Giants have been the future third-place finishers according to most scuttlebutt merchants, trailing behind the Red Sox and Cubs, with the Dodgers and their wheelbarrow of doubloons always a threat to destroy everything. No one counted on Buster Posey, though, pure of heart is he. Suddenly, the Giants might be the front runners.

According to Jim Bowden, Posey was a part of a Sunday night meeting with the Giants brass and Lester, attempting to convince him about the positive aspects of the San Francisco Giants baseball club.

Buster Posey: They literally cheered for Barry Zito all seven years.

Jon Lester: Even when ...

Posey: Especially when. Maybe they just don't follow baseball that closely, I don't know. Also, there are free sundaes in the clubhouse.

Lester: Wow.

You would eat a scorpion for Buster Posey. I would eat a scorpion for Buster Posey. Would Lester listen to him about how great the organization is? Would that make a difference? Dunno, but the scuttlebutt merchants all seem impressed with how impressed Lester was with Posey. Oh, goodness, to have a recording of that meeting. I'll bet Posey sounds surprisingly like Bill Clinton when he's making his pitch.

Who would the Cubs send? Anthony Rizzo or some crap. He would probably ask Lester to validate his parking before he left. The Red Sox would send Jon Lester either back or forward through time to make the pitch to himself. The Giants, though, sent Buster Posey. He arrived with a cherubic grin, a pile of great stories, and a fist full of rings. That has to be compelling.