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Madison Bumgarner named Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year

Probably because of that one-hitter in August, but I'll have to read the article to find out.

Madison Bumgarner had one of the most amazing postseasons in baseball history. I don't know if that's sunk in yet. We keep saying it and saying it, but it's hard to evaluate that sort of thing this close to the actual event. We're still processing it.

Here, this will help: Sports Illustrated named Madison Bumgarner their "Sportsman of the Year," the first time a Giants player has won the award since it's been given out. A list of the baseball players who have won the award:

1955 Johnny Podres
1957 Stan Musial
1965 Sandy Koufax
1967 Carl Yastrzemski
1969 Tom Seaver
1975 Pete Rose
1979 Willie Stargell
1987 Dale Murphy
1988 Orel Hershiser
1995 Cal Ripken, Jr.
1998 Mark McGwire
1998 Sammy Sosa
2001 Curt Schilling
2001 Randy Johnson
2009 Derek Jeter

Three Dodgers. No Mays. No Bonds. That's ridiculous. Though I guess Orel Hershiser and Randy Johnson were eventually Giants, so I guess they're tied with the Dodgers now. They're basically tied.

The cover:

Oh, how I wish I had a copy of that in June, so I wouldn't be so gray and ornery and sad drunk. Look at that feller. Sportsman of the danged year, standing in a wheat field.

There was a World Series, and Madison Bumgarner pitched in it. What he did was so special, it made him worthy of special recognition, even when compared to anybody else in the sporting world. Olympics ... boxing ... football ... golf ... anybody. Bumgarner was better than all of them.

It's probably time to get that Fathead for your living room, everyone. Your spouse will understand.