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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 12/31

Oh no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was Beauty dumped the link.

Will we think of 2014 as The Year Of Gary Brown? Probably!
Will we think of 2014 as The Year Of Gary Brown? Probably!
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This year is over after today, so I've got to dump all these old links. Better click 'em now, or they'll expire!*

*I may not "know" how the Internet works

The Year in Quotes: Bumgarner's cheat code, the Dee Gordon shower, rocks and slingshots, Chubbs and much more
Pavs reviews the Giants' year. If you want to relive the dizzying highs of the first two months, the suffocating lows of the next two, and the benign decentness of the two after that, he's your man. And, not to ruin the ending, but I think you'll be pretty happy with how it all turns out.


Strange But True postseason feats
Hey, remember when the Giants won the World Series? Sorry for no spoiler alert, but come on, it was on two months ago, so you should have already caught up. It turns out they did a whole lot of cool stuff along the way, and you should click to find out about it, but my favorite was the Jeremy Affeldt fact. He pitched in nine different innings during the postseason, and was great in every one of them. That . . . that was a good signing.


Strange But True in 2014
Oh, hey, what a familiar kind of article! I could swear I've just seen one that's very similar. So what were the oddity highlights for the Giants this year? There was the Matt Cain sandwich incident, Pablo mildly injuring himself after schierholtzing twice, and, of course, the Giants turning a double play on a walk. I was actually at that game (in the Stubhub seats!) and it was very confusing. After Chris Stewart walked, I looked down, and when I looked up, one guy was out, another was in a rundown, and the crowd was going wild. It was bizarre, confusing, and fun, just like the Giants season.


A Giants' gesture helps bring Peavy back to San Francisco
Hey, remember how yesterday I wrote about the Giants having a good front office full of good people doing good things? This is something I would have linked there if I had remembered it existed. I'm good at writing.

Still, whatever your thoughts on the number of years and dollars given to Jake Peavy, one big reason he took the Giants' offer over others that would have significantly increased the size of his Scrooge McDuck vault is that the organization treated his family so well, sending a private plane to fly them all out to San Francisco for his first start. It may not have been the Concorde like the Dodgers would have sent, but it was still a nice gesture.


Is Yasiel Puig baseball's worst baserunner?
Sadly, no. What a cruelly misleading title!

However, do you know who was the worst baserunner in the majors last year? Casey McGehee! So if you were feeling all happy to get to read a bad thing about a Dodger, well, we turned those emotions around real quick. Plus, JT Snow had one of the 10 worst seasons since 1950! So, uh, this isn't that fun of an article, Giants-wise. At least we can all point and laugh at Harold Reynolds. Point and laugh, everyone. It'll make you feel better.