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The Giants and loyalty

Baseball teams operate like this, while football teams operate like THIS. That's good stuff. I should do comedy.

Parades are fun!
Parades are fun!
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

You may not have heard this, but Jim Harbaugh isn't coaching the 49ers anymore. I know, I know, you'd think that would have been widely reported, but here we are. The reasons given for what was essentially a firing were vague and meaningless PR bluster, though the rumors are that everyone in that front office is a big bag of dicks, and Harbaugh is also a bag of dicks, and when they're together that's just too many dicks on the dance floor. Obviously, that situation was untenable. There was no way it could be tenned.

The Giants organization, meanwhile, is a big lovefest. Sabean loves Evans who loves Barr who loves Goldfarb who loves saying his own name. It's not an ego thing. It's just fun to say "Yeshayah Goldfarb". Try it! See? Fun.

A big reason that the Giants front office is so cohesive is loyalty. And while sometimes this loyalty can be a frustrating thing on the field – no, really, this is the start where Tim Lincecum figures it out, trust me, for serious this time – it's also what makes them them. And it does come from the top. Bill Neukom could have replaced Brian Sabean in 2009 like we all wanted, but the organization is loyal. Sabean could have made big changes in farm system personnel after decades of not producing an All-Star hitter, but the organization is loyal. The team could have tried to beane their roster and swap out old players for new ones, but . . . (sign lights up) (audience chants "THE ORGANIZATION IS LOYAL" and then applauds themselves)

They did switch their AAA team from Fresno to Sacramento, but, I mean, come on. There's loyalty and there's insanity, y'know?

The thing is, it doesn't have to be this way, and it's not just about the sport. Sure, the NFL's weak players' union and constant barrage of grievous injury means that teams feel the need to be ruthless with their cuts, and that carries over to coaching staffs and front office personnel. But there's . . . actually, I lost my train of thought. Man, the NFL sucks.

But baseball has its share of crap too. Take a look at the Mariners, who a year ago were described as massively dysfunctional. And, of course, there's the Phillies, with a front office that's both dickish and incompetent. We could even root for a team that employs Kevin Towers to do anything, at all, ever. But we don't. We have guys that, while they have their faults, they also have some commendable virtues. And as the Niners fall apart through infighting and egos, it's nice to still have the Giants, steady as ever, counting tha ringz.