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Giants re-sign Juan Gutierrez, possibly interested in Ben Zobrist

The former signed a minor league deal. The latter is a whisper of a speck of a glimmer of a rumor. But we'll take it.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants completed another actual transaction! They're on fire. It is, of course, the least interesting transaction possible, and that isn't hyperbole. Juan Gutierrez is coming back on a minor-league deal. The combination of boring utility, familiarity, upside, and downside means that it's literally the least interesting transaction possible.

That doesn't mean it's a bad one, mind you. Gutierrez gave the Giants four good months before melting into a puddle of reliever in August. You can't just forget about the end of the season when evaluating him, but having a stockpile of 95-mph throwers in the minors, just in case one of them learns a shuuto or perfect command or some such, isn't the worst idea. He has more experience on a championship team than Kenley Jansen, too. Welcome back, Juan.

Peter Gammons, though, gives us a whiff of a possibly interesting transaction. Toward the end of a speculative piece on Cole Hamels, we get this:

If, as several GMs think, the Giants are going to trade prospects for Ben Zobrist, would they hold onto what’s left and sign James Shields as a free agent?

Several GMs. And, again, this is in the context of a Cole Hamels deal, suggesting that the Giants would rather trade their prospects for Zobrist and spend to get Shields, rather than trade their prospects to get Hamels. While it seems like something of a waste to acquire a second baseman just to play him in left field, Zobrist would likely be excellent out there. He would also be delightfully versatile, allowing the Giants to sit Casey McGehee against tougher righties and Joe Panik in the 16 scheduled Clayton Kershaw starts against the Giants next season.

It's just a rumor, a Gammo-bomb in the middle of a different topic. But I can't get over the phrasing. Several GMs think the Giants are going to trade prospects for Ben Zobrist. That's interesting. Isn't that interesting? Seems like that's interesting.

In the real world, the Giants re-signed Juan Gutierrez. That's not interesting. But welcome to the Giants' offseason: Wild rumors and practical additions.