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Barry Bonds hitting zany dingers on a Japanese variety show: a recap

Because hey, I dunno, maybe you haven't watched Barry Bonds mash a lot of taters lately

There's been a video circulating around the Internet lately – at least, according to the article I saw it in – involving Barry Bonds and two non-Bondses (Bernie Williams and Jason Giambi) hitting baseballs on a Japanese variety show in 2006.

Let's recap it!

Barry's first AB starts at around 7 minutes in. What was he up against?


Barry Bonds doesn't stand for that kind of chicanery. Barry Bonds is better than that. Barry Bonds finds those hijinks an affront to baseball, and they must be stopped.


Problem solved.

They did fix the smoke machine, and Barry, offended that his wishes for the machine to not exist anymore were ignored, decided not to hit a home run. Nobody tells Barry Bonds when to homer. Barry Bonds decides when to homer.

Barry's next challenge starts at around 15 minutes in. Two pitchers, one left-handed, one right-handed, take the mound. One of them throws a pitch. The other is there as a distraction. Would this be enough to stop Barry?




And so we come to the last challenge: a pitcher on a trampoline.


How do you feel about that, Bernie Williams and Barry Bonds?


Yeah, totes.

Giambi is first up. How does that go?


Oh well. Bernie is next. He'll definitely do better!



Now we're at around 25:00, and the pitcher is trying to psych Barry out. Gotta play mind games. Gotta keep him guessing what crazy stuff you'll do next.


Does Barry have confidence?


Still, he knows how good he is. Good enough to screw around and do an Ichiro impression? Sure!


But surely even Barry Bonds couldn't homer off a pitch coming from that high up, right? It's insane to think he could. Utterly insane.



The point of my article is this: Barry Bonds was fun and it's fun watching Barry Bonds hit a baseball. Thank you for your time.