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Giants deal two prospects for Casey McGehee

The cost of one year of cost certainty? Two A-ball prospects, Kendry Flores and Luis Castillo.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The return is in for Marlins third baseman, Casey McGehee: right-handed starter Kendry Flores, and 22-year-old right-handed reliever, Luis Castillo. Back in the day, I would have known enough about both of them to be exceptionally angry. Today, I'm fat and lazy and sated. I can't even get mad at them cancelling Deadwood like I used to.

Flores just missed the Giants' top-10 list in Baseball America earlier this year, though he did show up on the best under-25 Giants. The 23-year-old was the 14th-ranked prospect before the season according to a 20-list consensus from Beyond the Box Score. This season, he had a 4.09 ERA in the hitter-friendly Cal League, though he had a mighty fine 9.5 strikeouts for every nine innings he pitched. His home run rate was slightly inflated (again, Cal League) and he wasn't exactly young for the league. On the other hand, Casey McGehee.

The 22-year-old Castillo didn't make a single one of those prospect lists on Beyond the Boxscore before the season, possibly because he was a reliever in the low-minors. He had a high strikeouts-per-nine-innings ratio in Augusta this year (10.1) and an iffy walks-per-nine (3.8). Here's what his scouting report reads:

General: Closed career on a strong note, earning first-team Academic All-America honors and Pro Football Weekly first-team All-America honors ... Became just the fourth player in NU history to garner a first-team All-America and Academic All-America in the same season ... Bonafide NFL Draft pick.

See, the problem with searching for "Luis Castillo scouting report" is ... well, let's just assume that he's a hard-throwing, raw, bullpen arm. The more I search for "Luis Castillo scouting report", though ...

Worth it.

There used be a time when I would rail against every and all prospect-related trades. Those were my dreams. Those were the wishes that would become parades. Here we are, on the other side of the curtain, and we know the real answer is "Travis Ishikawa in left field." It's not Felix Diaz or Joe Fontenot, Brian Burres or Scott Barnes, Tim Alderson or even Francisco Liriano. The answer is Travis Ishikawa in left field.

If Flores or Castillo become contributors for the Marlins in the coming years, I'll put them on the Carlos Villanueva side of the ledger. They'd probably be nice to have, but if you can't find your own versions, well, that's an organizational problem.

On the other hand: Casey McGehee.

I would have started Matt Duffy and held onto the raffle tickets, all things considered. The upgrade isn't that explosive or guaranteed, and I'm a little risk averse. Getting a somewhat-known quantity for prospects out of the top 15, though, probably isn't something to make you go full Guy Fawkes.

Make it up to us on the other end, Giants. "The McGehee trade was widely mocked, but it eventually allowed the Giants to sign _______," the history books will read. I'll take it.

(As if Carlos Triunfel isn't going to start at third in 2016. It takes a year to recharge the lithium-ion trolling batteries.)