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Giants rumors: Jake Peavy signing doesn't rule out Max Scherzer or James Shields

Assistant GM Bobby Evans was on KNBR, and he answered the first question most of us had to the Jake Peavy signing.

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The Giants are reportedly bringing Jake Peavy back, and the right-hander would slot behind Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain, and Tim Hudson in the rotation. This would leave Tim Lincecum the fifth starter, with a Yusmeiro Petit safety net. The question everyone is asking, then: Are the Giants done?

Luckily, assistant GM Bobby Evans was on KNBR with Kate Scott and Larry Krueger, and they got to ask someone who has a pretty good idea. Here's the beginning of that exchange:

Krueger: "Does the Jake Peavy deal preclude the Giants from being in on Max Scherzer and James Shields?"

Evans: "No."

There were words after the no, of course. "Casting a wide net," for example. "For now, Tim Lincecum is in our rotation," for others. But Evans started with a clear, one-sentence response.

Financially, the Giants have room. If they were willing to pay $150 million for Jon Lester, they can likely afford $24 million for Peavy and $100 million (or the like) for James Shields. I'm not sure if that budgetary room includes Scherzer, too, but I'm also okay if it doesn't. Beware Scott Boras and his wily ways.

If they're going to use that money, though, is another question. Evans also raved about Yoan Moncada, calling him "a special talent," and Peavy also allows the Giants to spend on him. The best way to get over losing Pablo Sandoval might be to create a new one with updated software in a laboratory setting.

Although James Shields, number two starter, would sure help with some of the questions the Giants might have with their veterans or Matt Cain's elbow. If there were some sort of guarantee the Giants could get Moncada, I might lean that direction. Considering there are probably a dozen more teams in on that race, though, Shields might be the better, safer improvement, especially considering that Moncada is likely years away.

Or maybe they'll get neither. Occam's Razor is kind of a jerk like that.

If you were wondering if the Giants' offseason is done, though, there's an answer. Probably not. Probably.

Meanwhile, let's check in with the rest of the league.

/Padres sign James Shields

/Padres sign Max Scherzer

/Padres sign Halliburton

/Padres sign Dr. Dale Menttrix, creator of the only known vaccine to Virus C.3

/Padres encase Petco Park in titanium dome

/Padres wait for the rest of us to die off

/Padres sign Yoan Moncada