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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 12/12

Frankly, my dear, I don't link a dump

At this point, people are giving his surplus metal just so they don't have to throw it out
At this point, people are giving his surplus metal just so they don't have to throw it out
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

It's Friday! Friday's a good day to dump some links, so let's do that.

Madison Bumgarner accepts 2014 Sportsman of the Year award
Madison Bumgarner won an award this week that will go on a shelf with all his other awards from this year. It's not a small shelf.  This was Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year, and there was a ceremony, and he had to wear (and buy!) a suit, and give a speech. He was preceded by Bill Clinton, who has a little more public speaking experience, but Madison did a good job, and somehow his nerves didn't get the best of him on that stage. Weird. I'd have thought he panics when the pressure's on. Shows what I know!

Also, Royals fans weren't happy about Bumgarner being chosen by SI and lol lol lol.


Joe Panik returns home to community honors
Madison Bumgarner wasn't the only one to, uh, attend an event recently. Lay off, man, I don't use my good segues on Fridays. But Joe Panik recently came home to John Jay High School in Poughkeepsie for his high school jersey to be retired, and it was by all accounts a dignified, professional ceremony. But I bet when all that was over, Panik really let his hair down, went wild. I'm sure he went out and, like, had a beer, and studied film for half an hour less than he otherwise would have. It was probably the craziest shit he's ever done.


"Oh, Say Can You Sing": the greatest album featuring MLB players singing that you'll ever hear
Did you know that there was a 2005 album featuring the vocal talents of both Omar Vizquel and Aubrey Huff? It was called "Oh, Say Can You Sing" and it was glorious. The shocking part is how well Huff acquits himself. If you lived in a world where you hadn't heard of Aubrey Huff and knew nothing about country music, and someone played you his song and said he was a really popular singer, you'd go, "Yeah, I could see it" and never think about it again. It's tough to be that good!


As I Was Saying . . .
Oh, hi, Brandons blog. It's been a while. Anything new with you? Just some stuff about winning the World Series, huh? Cool, cool. Here at McCovey Chronicles, we decided to change it up and complain about the front office. Hard to believe, but true!


Brewers, Hank raise more than $150,000 for Humane Society
This proves that Hank is a true five-tool talent. Obviously he's smart, since he apparently survived on the streets of Maryvale until the Brewers adopted him. Clearly, he's adorable. We know he's fast. He sells a lot of merchandise. And now it turns out that he's generous too, raising all that money for charity. Hank's accomplishments put us all to shame.