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Giants interested in Asdrubal Cabrera

The shortstop/second baseman would play third base.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Asdrubal Cabrera used to be an obsession of mine. Back when the Giants were messing around with Brian Bocock, they were dangling Matt Morris in trade talks, with the Indians showing interest. In true blogger tradition, I invented my own horribly slanted trade proposal, with Cabrera being the main target. It was so adorable, expecting big prospects for the last burning embers of Morris's career.

Cabrera never became a star, but he's been a solid player for a long time. The Giants are interested in him at third base:

The two-time All-Star is coming off the worst season of his career --.241/.307/.387, and just under a win over replacement -- but he's a career .268/.330/.409 hitter (105 OPS+), and he can fill in at second base and short. He's played just over an inning at third in his career, but he has a strong enough arm to make the transition, I'd think. I don't mind this idea at all, considering there aren't a lot of options at third with a chance to be a league-average hitter.

Cabrera could also start at second if Joe Panik is part of the Cole Hamels deal, but only if Chase Utley isn't coming back in the deal. I've said too much.

Brian Sabean is leaving San Diego, but sources tell me that he has his phone on. This is one of the least harmful rumors so far, at least. Give me Cabreras in the infield and outfield, and they can fight with the Brandons for our amusement. There are still ways to make the team better.

Still, calm the hell down, Dodgers.