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Giants 'focused' on James Shields, otherwise quiet

But when has focusing everything on one free agent ever backfired?

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That's not rain coming down on the world, baby. It's trades and rumors and takes and swaps and signings. Everyone's doing every sort of deal with everyone else. It's chaos. Ken Rosenthal is spinning in the corner, speaking in tongues. Jon Morosi just ate his phone. Bob Nightengale climbed down an open elevator shaft and now there's creepy organ music coming through the PA. It's bananas, completely bananas.

Let's check in with the Giants' war room.

Just do your thing, fellas.

Of course, it's not like the Giants should panic and sign whichever pitcher stumbles down the hall next. This is an annoying time to be on Twitter if you follow a lot of Giants fans. The urge to do something/anything is strong. But there are still things that can be done. Here's one of them:

This would be the big hope right now, it seems. However, everyone still seems to think it's Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox right now, even though they've added Rick Porcello and Justin Masterson in the last couple hours. They still have room. They still have money. After months of quiet Shields rumors, everyone is focusing on him, and the Red Sox are going to be annoying.

The Giants are focused on second place for Shields, though, and don't count them out. I kid, but it has been frustrating to watch. Rumors, rumors everywhere, but not a trade to drink.

At least there was the Rule 5 Draft, which ... oh, right. The Giants had 40 players on their roster, so they couldn't participate.