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Dodgers sign, trade for everybody

They're being grabby jerks, and you know what? I don't like them one bit.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers have, in the last 24 hours, completed or nearly completed the following deals:

  • Traded for Jimmy Rollins, former MVP, current shortstop of value
  • Traded Dee Gordon, useful and flawed player, for a bounty of prospects that's almost preferable to what the A's got for Brandon Moss and Jeff Samardzija combined
  • Signed Brandon McCarthy, should-be Giant, to a four-year deal

That's two likeable players in, one annoying player out. The bigger news is that the Dodgers are better. Significantly, I'll wager, so long as both players stay healthy. I was really, really pulling for McCarthy on the Giants, even though a four-year deal to him isn't going to end well. Maybe the Dodgers will make him stop throwing his best pitch, like the Diamondbacks ...

What this means for the Giants, though, as obnoxious as this all looks, is that the Dodgers are probably out on James Shields. The Twins are reportedly signing Ervin Santana because they're run by the ghost of Al Davis or something, so the Giants' options are narrowing to solid pitchers in free agency (James Shields) or trade (Cole Hamels!), except they probably don't have the Dodgers monkeying around now, trying to ruin everything. I like McCarthy as a pitcher and personality, but I'd rather have Shields for an extra year and twice the money. There's more cost certainty there.

Still, what you're looking at is a Dodgers front office that's creative as all heck. They're smart. They're playing with money for the first time, and OH MY GOD CUT IT OUT

This is so danged dumb.The Dodgers have a keystone worth a damn, a new fourth starter that's better than the old fourth starter, and a bushel of prospects they didn't have before. The Dodgers are better than they were last year, and there's still a lot of offseason left. This hasn't been a good day.

Except maybe the Giants have a bit more elbow room at the poker table for their next starter. Also, they're good and pure and good things happen to them, and the Dodgers are craven and unclean and their seasons end with disappointment every year. So there's still that going for them.

Still, my goodness, what a day for the Dodgers. What a boring Winter Meetings for the Giants. It's still early, and there are a lot of permutations out there. But the Dodgers are apparently nuts now, and not in that charming Ned Colletti way.