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Pablo Sandoval rumors: Wait, wait, wait, did I say *six* years?

While he'll probably get six years, Sandoval's agent is concerned that his previous statement gave people the wrong idea.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

How did you spend your Giants won the World Series weekaversary yesterday? I had a few friends over, got a keg, some permits from the city, closed the block off, shot off some roman candles. You know, Wednesday stuff. I also sifted through piles of stupid rumors because it's stupid rumor season.


Okay, fine, it's stupid rumor system and rosterbation season. Yesterday found us reacting to the news that Pablo Sandoval is looking for a six-year deal. However, SB Nation's own Chris Cotillo followed up and spoke to Sandoval's agent, who wanted to clarify what his client was looking for and expecting.

Free agent third baseman Pablo Sandoval is not setting a minimum amount of years in his contract discussions with interested teams, his agent, Gustavo Vasquez, told me tonight. Vasquez notes that he is "looking for the best deal for Pablo", and that they are not limiting their market to offers that guarantee a certain number of years.

Which is kind of a dog-licks-man story when you put it that way. Last year, though, Nelson Cruz was reportedly looking for four years and $75 million from the start of free agency, and he scared his leverage away. Vasquez doesn't want "six years or bust" to be the word on the street for Sandoval, even if he might (and probably will) get six years.

Got it? Shorter version: Sandoval doesn't want to say he'll only take a six-year deal because he wants the teams who would prefer a four- or five-year deal to stick around and help force his eventual team to give up more money while giving him the six years he's not-really-secretly expecting. Standard stuff!

Boy, I sure miss real baseball.