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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 11/7

Time may dump me, but I can't link time

The brain trust, along with some weird old guy
The brain trust, along with some weird old guy
Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason has barely started and it already feels like it's taken forever. I understand that the players can't have an eternal season, but . . . this sucks.

The focus right now is Pablo, Pablo, Pablo ... Lincecum to go back into rotation ... Susac takes over backup job
Notes! Pavs has notes! Sabean, Bochy, and Baer held a press conference yesterday, and they talked about the important issues facing the Giants this offseason, including Pablo Sandoval, Tim Lincecum's spot in the rotation, and the backup catcher. Pretty shockingly, they decided to go with the better, cheaper, less injury prone player to back up Buster Posey. I know a lot of people here will be shocked by that, but hey, that Giants front office sure can be unpredictable.


Matching Success In San Francisco Will Be A Giant Challenge
Baseball America takes a look at the homegrown talent that's led the Giants to their three World Series titles in five years, and as a Giants fan, this kind of article is basically a victory lap. "Oh, yeah, they did develop all those great players who won championships. That's a good point. Let's just take a look at the list of solid players and perennial All-Stars who came up through the system. Yep, yep, still the same guys whose faces I got tattooed on me as a tramp stamp. I'll check again in three minutes, while COUNTING THA RINGZ."


David Eckstein thrives post baseball with an out-of-this-world company
Since his retirement, David Eckstein has been helping his wife Ashley run a very successful science fiction clothing line for women, which is all very interesting, but it's hard to move past this article dusting off some old Eckstein cliches and taking them off for one last ride

"It’s the tale of the undersized overachiever who, by sheer effort and determination, overcame his limitations and made it to the big leagues."

Yes, that is a direct quote from the article. Still got it, sportswriters!


Why Gandhi Is Such An Asshole In Civilization
There seem to be quite a few of you who enjoy games not only of sport, but of the video variety. And for the Civilization players out there, if you ever wanted to know why Gandhi loves nuking you so damn much, here's your answer.

If you're too lazy to read it, the answer is that you're a jerk. Sorry. That's not me talking; that's Gandhi.


Baby sea otter learning to swim is the real sports hero
This was making the rounds a couple days ago, so I'm linking it today because you should probably watch it again, because it's only the most adorable thing ever.