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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 11/6

Sailors linking in the dump hall, oh man, look at those cavemen go

Do you remember the second inning? God, Affeldt looked so young back then!
Do you remember the second inning? God, Affeldt looked so young back then!
Jamie Squire

Did you know: This time last week we were celebrating the Giants winning the World Series for the third time in five years? How quickly time passes. It seems like only three days ago! Four, at most.

The greatest October feat nobody noticed

I mean, don't get me wrong, it's cool that Jeremy Affeldt appeared in all those different innings as a reliever, and he had a fantastic postseason, of course, but I don't think that counts as a great feat. It's more of a neat oddity. If you think I'm being overly pedantic about this, then I would like to welcome you to the Internet. That's what we do here.


Next Crop Of Former SJ Giants Look To Debut In 2015
You may have noticed one or two or seven homegrown Giants on the field when they clinched the World Series last week. But who are the next farm products who will get to the majors and win a World Series within a couple of years, lest they be called failures? San Jose's Joe Ritzo looks at some of the guys we might be seeing soon, like Clayton Blackburn, Mac Williamson, and . . . yes . . . Daniel Carbo-

*drowned out by Beatlemania-esque screams of adoring Daniel Carbonell fans*
*people suggest starting him in CF Opening Day next year*
*a half-carved Daniel Carbonell HoF plaque is hastily hidden behind a sofa*


San Jose Giants win 2014 MacPhail Award
And while we're talking about the Baby Giants, they won Minor League Baseball's Larry MacPhail award for promotions. When I saw that, I was hoping they'd had some amazing promotional night that I hadn't heard about, like Dune Buggy Giveaway Night, or Drive Around The Bases On A Motorcycle Day, or Road Trip To Egg AJ Pierzynski's House. Alas, it's just for general excellence. I mean, I guess that's good too. But I'll still wistfully sigh at what might have been.


10 Things I Believe About Baseball Without Evidence
Well, this guy's smarter than me.

Sabermetric analysis doesn't really take into account pitch sequencing, and Ken Arneson explores why that's such an oversight, and comes up with some theories on how it could (at least partially) account for the Giants' recent success in the postseason, especially compared to the A's. I'd figured it was because the Giants are cheating cheaters who are only winning because MLB's main office has dictated that A's fans must suffer endlessly for the crime of not spending enough money on baseball, but I guess I can also consider an on-field explanation.


Man eats 95 meals at Olive Garden in 6 weeks using $100 ‘Pasta Pass’