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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 11/5

Should I link the viper's fang or herald loud the dump of man

Jason O. Watson

The last baseball game of the season was played a week ago. A week! How are we supposed to keep going? This is inhumane.

If Other MLB Teams Got Pennants…
You know, 29 teams don't win the World Series every year, and it seems unfair to call them all failures.  So when a team that doesn't win the World Series, for example the Dodgers, takes a look back at their year, why not celebrate the good things? Sure, the Dodgers didn't win the World Series this year, but does that mean they shouldn't get a flag? Why should flags be reserved for teams that win the World Series, such as the Giants, and not the Dodgers? Poor Dodgers, having to go without a flag again, because they did not win the World Series. Unlike the Giants.


An MLB-themed Election Day guide: 5 pros who've been elected to public office
Did you know there was an election yesterday? You may have heard about THOSE FAT CATS IN SACRAMENTO who desperately wanted you to vote both ways on everything, according to commercials, but those fat cats are actually people. Some of them even used to be baseball players! Well, maybe not them specifically, but some politicians somewhere used to be baseball players. Did you know Raul Mondesi is a mayor now? I already hate San Cristobal, and that is literally the only thing I know about it. Because who elects Raul Mondesi for anything? Jerks, that's who.


Alfonso Soriano Announces Retirement
Memories I have of Alfonso Soriano:

1. When he went 40-40 for the Nationals that one year
2. He didn't want to come to San Francisco in 2010 or maybe 2012 but I think it was 2010 because it was too cold
3. I guess he was on the Cubs for a while?

That's it.


Tony the Tiger is very bad at tweeting about sports
There is a sweet spot for terrible Twitter accounts, between the time when I hear about them and the time they become aware of their cachet in the world of ironic appreciation. The Tony the Tiger account is in that spot now. Savor it while you can, for one day it shall go the way of horse_ebooks.


かわいい Baseball Cards
You probably didn't even know you needed a mashup of The Avengers and the 2014 World Series. Good thing I'm here for you!