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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 11/4

Oh you pretty links, don't you know that you're dumping your mamas and papas insane

This link dump has a flagrant pro-Bumgarner picture policy, and I wll not stand for that bias
This link dump has a flagrant pro-Bumgarner picture policy, and I wll not stand for that bias
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Countdown to the start of next season: Too damn many days

Madison Bumgarner Gives Jimmy a "MadBum" Gift
Madison Bumgarner was on the Tonight Show last night, and his interview featured a World Series trophy – I won't say which one, in case you haven't finished this year's Series and don't want spoilers – along with truck talk and a grown man parading in the TV studio, showing his underwear to a grateful nation. The best part is near the end when Fallon starts repeating all the statistics we've been hearing about since Wednesday. It's the best part because Madison Bumgarner did a bunch of great things on a baseball field, and I want to hear about them every day until the end of time.


Giants final WS out - 60 years later
You know what would be cool? If the Giants won two World Series that were sixty years apart, and the final outs of both were very similar, and there was a GIF on the Internet that showed the two final outs and you could watch it over and over again due to how cool it was? If there were some kind of link like that, perhaps in orange above this block of words, it would probably be a good idea for you to click on it. You know, hypothetically.


A Panda's aging curve: What does history say about a 5-year deal for Pablo Sandoval?
Since the Boston media has convinced themselves that the Red Sox will sign Pablo Sandoval, they are now faced with the important task of figuring out how good their new third baseman will be over the length of his theoretical contract. It turns out that Sandoval's weight might not be as much of an impediment to success as has been assumed; guys whose body types were comparable didn't really fall off after their age-27 seasons. Of course, that article doesn't take into account that Sandoval will slump at some point, after which the Boston media will despise him and run him out of town. If you ask me, that's the sort of common sense knowledge that should be included in projections.


San Francisco Giants | Cot's Baseball Contracts
Do you need contract information for your rosterbation? Perhaps you're vainly trying to convince yourself the Giants can re-sign Pablo, even though the Red Sox want him and have lots of money, which are literally the only two factors that matter. Or maybe you're trying to figure out how much payroll room there is because you're worried about the implausibility of your 6-way trade of Adrianza, Lincecum, Arias, Jesus Galindo, Shane Loux, and the giant glove next to the Coke bottle for Mike Trout, Giancarlo Stanton, and the movie rights to Madison Bumgarner's life. Don't worry, though, you already thought this one through. Still rock solid!


Great players as great managers
Paul Molitor got hired as the new Twins manager yesterday, and while I wish him the best, I'm tempering my expectations. It seems like the Royals have never had a losing season, so we certainly all want Minnesota to finally knock off that Kansas City juggernaut, but the history of great players managing is not  impressive. CJ Nitkowski thinks it's because greatness as a player requires a different skill set than greatness as a manager. You guys don't realize how hard it is to sell [Last name]ey as a nickname. This stuff is way more complicated than you armchair managers would think.