New Catch All Thread for Prospect Discussion

Time for a new Fanpost as the last one's off the front page. With the Winter Meetings coming up we have trade potential, Rule 5, and maybe some Prospect Rankings starting to pop up (I thought BP was going to roll out the NL West this week but apparently they're jumping from the NL Central to the AL East; WTFBP?).

Nathan mentioned it was about time to start listing people's personal top whatever rankings, so I'll go ahead and toss out my Top 50, apropos of nothing. This year I've decided to eschew what I really think the org's pref list is and just gone a little nutty with faves and biases amuk. Because I've got it, I'll go 50 deep:

  1. Andrew Susac
  2. Christian Arroyo
  3. Mikey Edie
  4. Kyle Crick
  5. Mac Williamson
  6. Keury Mella
  7. Tyler Beede
  8. Ty Blach
  9. Aramis Garcia
  10. Ray Black
  11. Steven Okert
  12. Adalberto Mejia
  13. Daniel Carbonell
  14. Clayton Blackburn
  15. Austin Slater
  16. Matt Duffy
  17. Kendry Flores
  18. Luis Ysla
  19. Tyler Horan
  20. Michael Santos
  21. Joan Gregorio
  22. Logan Webb
  23. Hunter Strickland
  24. Dylan Davis
  25. Derek Law
  26. Adam Duvall
  27. Brian Ragira
  28. Skyler Ewing
  29. Chris Stratton
  30. Gary Brown
  31. Ryder Jones
  32. Dylan Brooks
  33. Cody Hall
  34. Blake Miller
  35. Ty Ross
  36. Stephen Johnson
  37. Josh Osich
  38. Stetson Woods
  39. Hunter Cole
  40. Chuckie Jones
  41. Tyler Rogers
  42. Bryce Bandilla
  43. Christian Jones
  44. Chase Johnson
  45. Martin Agosta
  46. Mitch Delfino
  47. Brandon Bednar
  48. Kelvin Beltre
  49. Rodolpho Martinez
  50. Johneshwy Fargas

Gustavo Cabrera ready to fly up the list next year. Good enough for my annual silliness. Now let's talk about stuff.

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