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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 11/3

She's so linky in her satin and tat, In her frock coat and bipperty-bopperty hat, Oh God, I could dump better than that

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the offseason. The terrible, terrible offseason. It sucks because there's no baseball, so let's reminisce about when there was baseball and it was cool. If I could only think of some recent example . . .

Giants soak it in during victory parade
You may have noticed that the Giants had a little party in the streets of San Francisco on Friday, shutting down traffic on Market Street and waving to assembled crowds who somehow knew that there would be professional athletes whose blurry pictures they could take (Not you. Your pictures are great). It turns out that this is because the Giants won the baseball championship! That seems fun. Their fans must have been excited.


Bumgarner wanted to ride a horse in the World Series parade
Sure, it seems like Bumgarner didn't ride a horse in the parade, but let me throw some logic bombs at your dumb reality-based brain:

1. The idea of Madison Bumgarner riding a horse in a World Series parade is perfect
2. Something that is perfect must necessarily exist, because otherwise it would not be perfect.
3. Since the idea of Bumgarner on the horse is perfect, it happened.

I think you'll find that line of reasoning very satisfying.


Madison Bumgarner develops from Augusta legend to postseason hero
Are you tired of all the hype Madison Bumgarner has been getting? Me neither. So let's take a trip in the Wayback Machine to look at him as a prospect, from his breathlessly adored stint in Augusta in 2008 to the rougher times he had the next year, when he lost velocity on his fastball and became the subject of wildly unfounded Internet trade rumors for luminaries like Dan Haren or Franklin Gutierrez. You know, guys who would be great for years to come.


Giants likely to attempt to re-sign Sandoval -- after he hits free agency
As the days pass after the World Series, it becomes more and more clear that Pablo Sandoval wants to test the free agent market. And to that I say, good. I don't know if the Giants are going to back that dump truck full of Caviar Lite to Pablo's house so they can get a head start on the negotiations, but I always support the players getting more money and it does seem like the Panda is certain to become rich enough that his retail therapy could involve purchasing an island. Perhaps his home island of Venezuela? Time will tell.


With third title, Bochy joins club that only includes Hall of Famers
Bruce Bochy has more career wins and World Series titles than Tommy Lasorda. That sound you just heard was your own involuntary sigh of contentment.