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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 11/27

And the link dump squad - they're restless, they need somewhere to go

Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Good morning! Yasmany Tomas signed with the Diamondbacks, but fortunately, Yasmani Tomas was the good one, and he's still out there. SWOOP!

Bonds 'bothered' about Hall denial: 'I deserve to be there'
Remember when that fashion guy put the asterisk on Barry's home run ball and donated it to the Hall? Barry said that he wasn't going to care about the Hall of Fame if they displayed it, which they did. I guess he got over that. But then, he should have. Because a museum of baseball history whose entire purpose is telling the story of baseball is excluding the guy who was the most important part of that story for a decade. It's like a Pulp Fiction museum ignoring John Travolta. If you're not gonna talk about that guy, why do you even exist?


What Do the Giants Do Now?
Now that the Giants have lost out on their top two targets, where what comes next? Spend the money on the next guy! Is it Jon Lester? Max Scherzer? Chase Headley? Sure! Sabean can buy all of them. What's my source for this? Well, the Giants just won the World Series, so they have lots of extra money. And the Giants just won the World Series, so guys who want to win (as in, every baseball player) should want to take a discount to play here. And since the Giants won the World Series, they know how to get it done in pressure situations, so there shouldn't be any problems in high-stakes negotiations. Add it all together, and obviously the Giants will sign everyone good over the next few weeks. Science!


Nine of the Worst Baseball Movies Ever Made
I don't get the hate for the premise of Ed. They just repeat "a trained chimpanzee plays third base for a minor-league team" as if that's a point against the movie. That's literally all I ever wanted in a movie. Like, I'm not debating that The Third Man is great, but if Orson Welles had given the cuckoo clock speech to a chimp right after stealing third, it would have been magical.


A eulogy for RadioShack, the panicked and half-dead retail empire
They say that great pain creates great artists, and you can see that here. I never had to work for Radio Shack, and I never had to work on Thanksgiving. So anytime I'm jealous of how funny Jon Bois is – and that's pretty much always – I can appreciate the struggles that went into making him the Jon we all know and admire with an undercurrent of light resentment.


17 Dogs Dressed As Turkeys
Is this Buzzfeed? It is, and if that makes you feel dirty, I appreciate and understand your position. On the other hand, there are dogs dressed as turkeys. Tough moral choices, man. Tough moral choices.