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Giants unveil first-half promotional schedule

There is a Hunter Pence Fence Catch bobblehead. That's the most important thing, probably.

The Giants have announced their first-half promotional schedule, probably because there isn't much to talk about when it comes to the Giants today, and there are some doozies. From the press release:


And the Special Events Schedule:

The Giants also released their 2015 Special Events Schedule with select events going on sale on Orange and Black Friday. All special events require the purchase of a special event ticket. Special events include the traditional heritage games, with Irish Heritage (Apr. 16); Korean Heritage (Apr. 17); Filipino Heritage (May 8); Japanese Heritage (May 19); Chinese Heritage (May 28); Portuguese Heritage (June 15); Italian Heritage (June 23); Native American Heritage (June 24); Jewish Heritage (July 27); Polynesian Heritage (Sept. 18); and African American Heritage (Oct. 2). Other special event highlights include Metallica Night (May 2); Sinatra’s 100th Birthday Celebration (May 7); Superheroes and Comics Night (May 9); KNBR Night with Murph and Mac (June 1); Autism Awareness Night (June 2); Gamer Day with Mike Krukow (June 14); LGBT Night (June 26); Brewfest (June 27); Girl Scout Day (June 27); Hello Kitty Day (June 28); Bruce Lee 75th Birthday Celebration (July 7); Pixar Day (Aug. 30); tokidoki Night (Sept. 16); and STAR WARS® Day (Oct. 3).

They say that Gamer Day with Mike Krukow is about ethics in Special Events Schedules.

We've bemoaned the lack of a proper Hunter Pence bobblehead before, but things have been improving on that front. With that in mind, let's rank the planned promotions.

  1. Raising the freaking World Series pennant on Opening Day

  2. Pence Fence

  3. Bumgarner bobblehead

  4. Ring ceremony

  5. Opportunities to get Petit and Ishikawa bobbleheads, just like we expected before last year started

  6. Infinity Scarf, even though I don't know what it is, because it sounds rad

  7. Snow globe, which will keep my rain globe comfortable, like the pet goats that hang around thoroughbreds

  8. T-shirt!

  9. Socks!

  10. Calendars are still the best

  11. Grocery totes are stylish and practical

  12. Backpack

  13. Banner

  14. Mustache night will be obnoxious and amusing and obnoxious

  15. Kids don't appreciate Buster Posey as much as they should, so we should be the ones to get the bank, imo.

I can't wait for the Pence Fence bobblehead, though. Really, championship socks have appeal and practicality, too. Here is the promotion schedule for the first half. Seriously, though, think about the odds of a couple Panik/Ishikawa/Petit bobblehead days. We'll need to discuss the 2016 bobbleheads later. (Guillermo Quiroz)