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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 11/25

One hand is linked to the tightrope dumper

Harry How/Getty Images

Yesterday was kinda a crappy day.

JAWS and the 2015 Hall of Fame ballot: Burning questions
In what was undoubtedly yesterday's big baseball news, the Hall of Fame ballot was released. And if you remember how packed it was with deserving players last year, this year is even worse. Pedro, Randy Johnson, Smoltz, and Gary Sheffield are all on for the first time, and it'll be fun when Sheffield is the latest Deserving Asshole Who Gets Screwed. Oh, how I will hypocritically laugh!

And, as always, anyone who sends in a blank ballot as some kind of protest should have their vote revoked. There are like 20 guys who deserve to go into the Hall here. Don't be awful, sportswriters, he said, before trying to dig through the Earth with a spork.


Remembering those left off the Hall of Fame ballot
But what about the guys who didn't make it? What about Mark Loretta, who had a couple really good years with the Padres, or Kelvim Escobar, who made a name for himself immediately before never playing again, or Paul Byrd, who also was apparently a baseball player? They should be briefly remembered one last time before we forget them forever. Farewell, sweet angels. May you have success with the fishing shops that I'm assuming you all own now. Fishing shop owner just seems like a good ex-baseball player job, you know?


Hanley Ramirez, Pablo Sandoval, and Boston’s High-Risk, High-Reward Plan
Oh FINE, we can talk about Pablo a little. Because what are the Red Sox even doing, signing both him and Hanley? They're wildly overstocked with oh I can't lie to you I didn't link this to talk about Pablo. It's because Hanley Ramirez was described thusly:


That's the kind of breaking news that you can only get here, or I guess also in the places I link to. But stick with here.


Hank the Brewers dog went on an adorable dog date

We here at the McCovey Chronicles link dump have been very disappointed over the lack of new Hank #content to link, so this is a godsend. The only thing missing from Hank's life was a lady dog (or gentleman dog!) for him to spend his time with. Hank was desperate for someone with whom he could discuss trade scenarios or complain about front office moves or sniff a butt. He has needs, you know.


The Kansas City Symphony response to the World Series Challenge
We heard about a lot of bets before the Series started – Jerry Brown wagered a dinner at Tomasso's, and Ed Lee put up some sourdough bread, Philz coffee, and Learning What Sports Are – and one of those bills came due. The Kansas City Symphony had to play a baseball-themed song while their conductor wore a Giants jersey. And when I saw the number 8 on his back from far away, I hoped against hope that it was a Velez. It was a Pence jersey, of course, but for that one fleeting moment, I was part of something beautiful.