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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 11/24

They've dumped him in a link

Look at that trophy! Pablo wouldn't leave the place where he won that trophy, would he?
Look at that trophy! Pablo wouldn't leave the place where he won that trophy, would he?
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I may or may not have been on a plane to Boston last night, where I may or may not intend to sign a nine figure contract. You can tell this is a trustworthy rumor because you heard it from me, and I am someone on the Internet.

Ramirez headed to Boston to sign long-term deal with Red Sox.

Ramirez’s position could hinge on Sandoval’s decision. If Sandoval joins the Red Sox, Ramirez will play left field. If Sandoval signs with the Giants or Padres – and one Giants official said Sunday night that he would be surprised if Sandoval did not return to San Francisco – Ramirez will play third base.

This means nothing. NOTHING. It's from an article that was posted several hours before the rumors that made everyone panic. By the time you read this, maybe Pablo will have already signed with Boston. Maybe he'll have already had his press conference and announced that he would have re-signed with the Giants, but he hates the fans. Maybe it's your fault. Yes, you personally. I am starting the rumor that this is your fault; therefore, it is your fault. How could you? I thought you cared about this team.


NL West front offices all chasing San Francisco Giants
And what are the Dodgers doing? Taking the Giantsest guy in their front office and demoting him. Don't you understand, Magic? You need to give Colletti more power, not less. Give Brian Wilson that big extension that he so richly deserves. Trade Scott Van Slyke for Kurt Suzuki. Sign Barry Zito. Be bold. Be daring. It's what champions do.


Thirteen Caribbean Winter League ballplayers you should be watching
Do you want to know about some of the more interesting guys who are playing in winter ball? From former stars like Manny and Johan – yeah, that Manny and that Johan – to prospects like Edwin Escobar and Joc Pederson, there are plenty of guys playing in Latin America who are fun to follow. But me? I like the 310-pound Mexican League guy who spends all day socking dingers. I like dingers, people. I like dingers.


Roger Angell in Cooperstown
I don't think I linked this back when it was written, and that's a damn shame, since Roger Angell's well-deserved induction into the sportswriting wing of the Hall of Fame deserves mention. His is the kind of old-time baseball writing that people admire, but he never lapses into the cliches that characterize newspaper hacks. He deserves his moment in the sun. Not literally, of course. I don't want to fire Roger Angell into the sun. Let's save that for Rick Reilly.


Brain Scans Reveal What Dogs Really Think of Us
And it turns out that what dogs are thinking is "OH CRAP SOME GUY SAW PABLO SANDOVAL ON A PLANE TO BOSTON AND SOME OTHER GUY SAID THE DEAL IS DONE WHO'S GONNA PLAY THIRD BASE NOW?" Dogs really are just like us!