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Padres reportedly making offer to Pablo Sandoval

This is proof that he really likes playing in front of Giants fans.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Perspective: I really, really thought this offseason was going to be filled with Pablo Sandoval and Dodgers rumors. That would have been much worse. As is, this is still horribly irritating. According to Ken Rosenthal, the Padres are making an offer to Pablo Sandoval on Friday.

"Would you like to play on a rebuilding team in front of half-capacity crowds in a park that dramatically depresses offensive statistics? We'll pay you nearly the same money you can get elsewhere?"

"Of course!"

You can see how the pitch would be appealing. Except, maybe the Padres know that's not exactly a great sell job, so they're prepared to offer him goofy money. Seven years. $120 million or something nuts. I don't know why that would make sense to them, but maybe they're planning on offering so much money, even the Giants back away with their hands in the air.

It's an interesting thought exercise. How much would the Padres have to offer before the Giants stepped back and said, "You got us, Padres. We can't compete with your financial bullying to keep a popular Giants player. You've won this round, but we'll be back"? Maybe that's the point. Maybe the Padres know the Giants will match substantial offers, so they're just being jerks. It's what I'd do if I owned a team.

I believe the Padres are making an offer to Sandoval today, just like I believe the Giants made an offer to Alfonso Soriano back in the day. If the money is comparable to the Red Sox or Giants, though, I don't see what the appeal would be, though.

The weather's nice. The weather is very nice.