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San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 11/21

Here dumps the linked commissioner

Remember this? I liked this.
Remember this? I liked this.
Elsa/Getty Images

Fare thee well, Juan Gutierrez. We hardly knew ye, mostly because ye took like an hour to introduce yourself at a party and we got bored and wandered off.

Giants Back on Top
After the Giants won the World Series last year, Cooperstown came knocking on their door like an Amway lady after nine espressos. Hey, are you using that glove? Can I have it? What about your jersey? Your hat? Your dog? Your face? gimme Gimme GIMME. And starting tomorrow, their collection will be on display until the next World Series. So whether you want to see all the cool stuff that cool people were wearing when they won that cool championship for that cool city, or you just want to egg the front door for not enshrining Barry Bonds, now's a great time to visit! Literally right now. I'm sure the weather's great.


MLB Transaction Trees
Did you know that the presence of Andre Ethier on the Dodgers roster can be traced back all the way to Mike Piazza? Since he was part of the trade that brought them Gary Sheffield, who was part of the trade that got (along with others) Andrew Brown, who went to Cleveland for Milton Bradley, who of course Colletti transfigured into Ethier, Piazza is partially responsible for Ethier being on the roster. This link has the longest of these trees for every organization, though none are as odious as the Dodgers one. I don't even know who Andrew Brown is, but based on the company he keeps, I'll assume he hates otters and really enjoys Atlas Shrugged.

The Giants tree is the best, though, because Matt Cain is the best.


Why Are All My Twitter Followers Men?
Wendy Thurm takes a look at why conversations about sports are so dominated by men. This definitely doesn't seem like the kind of article where the comments will make me want to live alone on a boat in the middle of the ocean. No, I'm sure the Internet will band together to be super mature about this.


Major League Baseball addresses pace of play in Arizona Fall League
Now that the AFL has wrapped up for the year, it's time to discuss the biggest takeaway: How fast were the games played? If Daniel Carbonell had played well, then his impending stardom in San Francisco would have been the biggest takeaway, but since he didn't, it was a small sample size at the end of the year and it's not that big of a deal and he'll be better next year in Richmond. So how were the changes that were supposed to speed up the game? Well, annoying, mostly. It's tough to see the Players' Association approving most of them for next year. They've got to stand up for batters who step out of the box after every pitch, for these men are truly our greatest heroes.


Guy Fieri had a transcendent, unbleached mullet in 2000
This is horrific. I can't look away.